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24/7 security coverage is an essential part of preventing theft and damage of property, products and other valuable parts of a business. We utilize the latest technology which allows better accountability by GPS location and tour points, which are view-able by employer and the customer 24/7. Vehicle & foot patrol as well as random spot checks throughout the site, are a sample of the services we provide in locations such as ...

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Vehicle Patrol Services You Can Count On


Omega Protective Services believes strongly in providing comprehensive security solutions that cover all boundaries of your Lehigh Valley based event or location. Whether it's stopping active crime - break-ins, unlawful entry, defacement, theft - or simply acting as a deterrent, vehicle patrol security guards get the job done. Vehicle patrols can spot trouble at a distance and close the gap quickly to stop potential crimes in progress.

Protection for What Matters Most: Day or Night

Criminals are always looking for an opportunity to take your hard-earned assets, so make sure you're devoting just as much effort to security. If you're worried about overnight break-ins or illegal activity, you need the deterrent power of regular vehicle patrols to make them re-evaluate. Whether you schedule rounds on a regular basis - hourly, for example - or prefer more random timing, we're here to help. We'll learn the nuances of your security needs and work with you to develop a custom security solution.

The Finishing Touch to Comprehensive Security

Alongside our other service offerings - armed guards, ID checks, security checkpoints, and more - vehicle patrol services add an additional layer of protection. Drivers can often spot criminal preparations from a distance - movement on a fence, or a discarded backpack of tools, for example - that guards at a checkpoint may be unable to see. Use our vehicle patrol service to send a clear message: Omega Protective Services is on the job.

Lehigh Valley Owned and Operated with insured and trained professionals. 

Providing Security Services to our locals in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and extending throughout Eastern PA.

We do accept VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER and American Express. 

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