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Based out of the Lehigh Valley area, we at Omega Protective Services strive to provide our clients with an unmatched sense of security. With our 24/7 protection and unwavering attentiveness, we do just that. With our surveilling expertise and proven protective measures, we guarantee optimal protection. Though we offer a wide variety of security solutions, one of our more sought-after services is residential security.

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Feel Safe at Home

With the growing prevalence of home invasions, it’s vital to safeguard you and your home. Residential communities are especially vulnerable because of the number of residents and visitors passing through. With that said, security protection is a must in these areas. In addition to enforcing safety regulations, our team will also monitor who’s coming in and out of the community. Our vigilance ensures that you can live comfortably and without worry. If the premise requires more observance, our residential security team will handle it.


Don’t Take Any Chances

There’s no sense in plaguing yourself with worry when you can find reassurance in knowing that bodyguards are working to keep danger at bay. Eliminate stress when you employ our residential security services. We vow to place your safety first.


How We Provide Top-Notch Protection

Any visitors, residents, workers, or employees that want access to the community will need to go through us first. Only with your approval will someone be allowed past the threshold. To ensure that our safety precautions are working, we’ll also patrol the area. If we detect any unusual or suspicious behavior, we’ll evaluate the situation. Any illegal activity we come across will be immediately reported. To enhance understanding, we’ll also provide residents with safety workshops.


Trusted Lehigh Valley Bodyguards

Our residential security team members are competent, licensed, and diligent. For the sake of satisfying our valued clients, we offer customizable solutions. At Omega Protective Services, the customer always comes first. To gain access to our squad of security guards, contact us today.


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Lehigh Valley Owned and Operated with insured and trained professionals. 

Providing Security Services to our locals in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and extending throughout Eastern PA.

We do except VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER and American Express. 

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