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Residential Security Guard


Regarding Residential Security


Everyone deserves to feel safe at home, and we strive to provide you and your residents with an earned sense of secure comfort. Omega’s guards have experience serving apartment complexes, suburban neighborhoods, and even gated communities, both on-foot and in our fleet of marked patrol vehicles. 

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Feel Safe at Home


With the growing prevalence of home invasions, it’s vital to safeguard you and your home. Residential communities are especially vulnerable because of the number of residents and visitors passing through. With that said, security protection is a must in these areas. In addition to enforcing safety regulations, our team will also monitor who’s coming in and out of the community. Our vigilance ensures that you can live comfortably and without worry. If the premise requires more observance, our residential security team will handle it.

Residential Patrol 

The presence of uniformed security serves as one of the greatest deterrents of crime. Hiring private officers for on-foot patrols sends a strong and clear message to would-be criminals. Maintaining an active patrol in your building or neighborhood also keeps eyes on otherwise quiet areas, which further mitigates risk of unscrupulous behavior. Troublemakers tend to follow a path of least resistance, so they will move to find another neighborhood. 

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Patrol Fleet 

In addition to on-foot patrol, Omega offers multiple distinct, quickly recognizable patrol vehicles. We outfit our fully insured fleet with bright and easily visible paint, decals, and patrol lights, all for your residents’ peace of mind. Of course, our personnel drive safely and respect all traffic laws. 


Policy Enforcement 

Communities may have rules regarding visitors or vehicles on their property. Our guards are comfortable enforcing HOA bylaws, whether this means checking cars for parking passes (and calling towing services when appropriate) or following procedure for handling trespassers. Furthermore, as private security, Omega can place calls to emergency dispatchers on the behalf of your residents. 


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