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Details on Suit and Tie Security Services


Omega provides security at formal events throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. To fit perfectly into your atmosphere, our guards dress in matching suit and tie combinations. Depending on your needs, our guards can seamlessly blend into the background, or can be more visible with earpieces and badges displayed. Our guards are very experienced at providing a friendlier, classier, customer service-based approach while still ensuring your safety.

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What is Suit and Tie Security?

Events like proms, quinceaneras, fundraisers and even weddings have a different dress code and, although of a celebratory nature, may require a little help to keep things from getting out of hand or to ensure the safety of all attendees.

Suit and tie security is a specialty service from Omega Protective Services that allows our professional guards to blend into your event, and remain unobtrusive so as not to disturb the flow of the activities and bother your guests. At the same time, we offer only the highest levels of protection, making sure that everyone is cared for.

Is Suit and Tie Security Right For Me?
If you're concerned about uninvited guests coming to your wedding, the funeral of a loved one, or a sponsored event like a school prom or formal, then suit and tie security is right for you. These professionals will be given a guest list and instructions for allowing guests into the venue. If you choose, our professional security staff can ensure that guests remain in control and to monitor for underage drinking or illegal drug use.

What To Expect From Suit and Tie Service
You can expect security professionals, both men, and women, to respect the dress code and ambiance of your event. Our teams will go over your requirements as far as who is allowed into the event and even be given names and photographs of individuals you're concerned about will cause problems. If uninvited guests attempt to enter, we will remove them. Should there be fights or altercations we swiftly step in to de-escalate the situation discreetly.

How Much Does Formal Security Cost?
Your personalized suit and tie security quote will depend on how many personnel you require and the length of time you need security services.


Contact Omega Protective Services through our online request form for your event security needs.