School / College Security

Security for Schools and Colleges


Schools, colleges, and other academic institutions have numerous requirements for security officers, especially in this contemporary era. Hiring private security brings an extra layer of accountability, an unbiased perspective, and the cost-effective resources of groups dedicated to serving and protecting others. 

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Outdoor Event Security

Hosting an intimate affair or a large gathering? Allow us to provide you and your guests with reassurance.

Conflict Resolution

We can consult on dealing with conflicts or provide service to your hallways and campuses.

Vehicle Patrol Services

Vehicle and foot patrol as well as random spot checks throughout the site.


Safer Socials

Omega has extensive experience handling social gatherings and can ensure your students’ safety. To accomplish this, we offer multiple guards with diverse roles, such as ID specialists, cross-trained EMT guards, and roaming personnel. Our ID specialists are trained to identify fake IDs by sight alone, though they also work with UV lights, as well as advanced, professional-grade ID scanners. Color-coded wristbands to communicate vital information to other guards. Meanwhile, MOAB training enables our roaming guards to recognize, de-escalate, and resolve interpersonal conflicts while protecting others.

We don't stop there! Our guards provide services beyond parties by managing security for sporting events, scholastic gatherings, and other extracurricular activities.

Campus Patrol

Even outside of events, many colleges have extensive policies regarding the presence of alcohol and other substances. We help enforce those rules by patrolling your campus and periodically checking on properties such as Greek houses, with GPS-based tracking for additional accountability. Omega’s guards are trained to recognize paraphernalia and other signs of illicit substance use and report them accordingly.

School Resource Officers

Finally, Omega offers security for primary and secondary schools as supported by local, state, and federal legislature. Our guards work with your teachers and informal counselors per guidelines written by the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO). Omega recognizes the importance of cooperation and actively fosters relationships with your community to continue to tackle underage drug use, bullying, and other largely school-based challenges.