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Schools, colleges, and other academic institutions have numerous requirements for security officers, especially today. Hiring Omega brings an extra layer of accountability, an unbiased perspective, and the cost-effective resources of groups dedicated to serving and protecting others.

Safer Socials – Omega has extensive experience handling social gatherings and can ensure your students’ safety. To achieve this, we offer multiple guards with diverse roles such as:

  • ID Verification Specialists

  • Cross-Trained EMT Guards

  • Roving Personnel

We don't stop there – our guards provide services beyond student parties by managing security for sporting events, scholastic gatherings, Greek life, and other collegiate activities!

Campus Patrol – Many colleges have policies regarding the presence of alcohol and other substances. We help enforce those rules by patrolling your campus – both on foot and in marked patrol vehicles with GPS-based tracking – as well as periodically checking on Greek houses and other properties. Omega’s guards are trained to recognize paraphernalia and other signs of illicit substance use and report them accordingly.

School Resource Officers – Omega also offers security for primary and secondary schools as supported by local, state, and federal legislature. Our guards work with your teachers, counselors, and administrators per guidelines from the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO)*. Omega recognizes the importance of cooperation and actively fosters relationships with your community to continue to tackle the issues of underage drug use, bullying, and other largely school-based challenges.

“About NASRO.” National Association of School Resource Officers,

Security officer directing traffic at college opening
Woman Security Officer checking visitors before entering school

The two officers that were security at my sorority event were amazing. They did more than asked to and went above and beyond. Without them my life would’ve been ten times harder. Between IDing people and wrist banding them to controlling the crowd and watching the bathrooms as well as stopping the underage drinking to the best of their knowledge I greatly appreciate all their hard work.”

Kate O’Brien

The Premier Security Services Company of the Lehigh Valley and Beyond!



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