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Omega's guards have watched over numerous construction projects from start to finish. We have experience watching over active sites, as well as providing patrols overnight, which leads to prevention of losses, reduction of liability, and determent of unauthorized access.


We recognize the importance of managing access to a work-in-progress. For this reason, we train our armed and unarmed guards to keep an eye on anyone approaching property under our protection, ready to request documentation and proof of identity. Our personnel spot and stop theft of tools and materials, vandalism of property and equipment, and other dangerous behavior that might otherwise threaten your construction project.

While many construction companies have a designated safety officer, in smaller businesses, that role often goes to the job foreman or superintendent, who may feel divided between managing the site and addressing other concerns. Hiring a dedicated security company serves to ease some of that burden and allows your staff to focus on the main job at hand.

Furthermore, bringing in Omega can lead to a reduction in insurance premiums. If desired, we’re happy to attend and/or assist in your safety committee meetings and more.

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Omega’s gone out of their way for me. I would give them the highest rating. They’ve never said ‘no,’ they’ve always answered the phone, and they’ve always had somebody when I needed them.”

Howard Dempsey – Mammoet Northern USA

The Premier Security Services Company of the Lehigh Valley and Beyond!



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