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Construction & Industrial Security

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Involved Security for Industrial Sites


Omega's guards have watched over numerous construction projects from start to finish. We have experience providing both overnight patrols, as well as watching over active sites. At every stage, Omega has you covered.

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Construction Site Security Guards offer:


Loss Prevention
Omega’s guards maintain a strong, professional presence that mitigates loss. Our personnel spot and stop theft of tools and materials, vandalism of property and equipment, and other dangerous behavior that might otherwise threaten your construction project. 


Reduction of Liability
Many construction companies have a designated safety officer. In smaller businesses, that role often goes to the job foreman, who may feel divided between managing the site and addressing other concerns. Hiring a dedicated security company allows your staff to focus on their job at hand. Furthermore, bringing in private security can sometimes lead to a break in insurance premiums. If desired, we’re happy to attend/assist in safety committee meetings and more. ​

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Site access control
We acknowledge the critical nature of a secure construction site, as well as the importance of managing access to a work-in-progress. For this reason, we train our guards to keep an eye on anyone approaching your property under our protection, ready to request documentation and proof of identity. 

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