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When selecting a security company, some essentials to consider include skills, experience, and other capabilities. At Omega Protective Services, we excel with extensive experience in every element. 

Don't just take it from us. We have the references to prove it. Read these testimonials from just a handful of our clients describing their experiences with our services, and you'll soon see why Omega is the best in the business.



Kate O.

The two officers that were security at my sorority event were amazing. They did more than asked to and went above and beyond. Without them my life would’ve been ten times harder. Between IDing people and wrist banding them to controlling the crowd and watching the bathrooms as well as stopping the underage drinking to the best of their knowledge I greatly appreciate all their hard work.


Ashley F.

Omega Protective Services did a great job as security at my wedding, we wanted to avoid wedding crashers and we wanted to make sure anyone who had too much to drink didn’t get out of hand and they were there to make sure things went smoothly. They were well dressed in suits to blend in with our guest and they moved about the room and through the crowd as if they were just another guest making sure nothing got out of hand. I am very happy that I went with Omega Protective Services.


Heather Wood



Omega came to the ambulance transport service company I work for and presented us with TONS of pertinent information. I believe our instructor used the limited amount of time to the best advantage. From safety to protocols to tips and tricks, there wasn’t a topic that was missed. Would definitely recommend! The hands on portion was great because the instructor was very constructive and a great coach! I learned a lot, and I believe my coworkers did too!


Mike Amadio



Our company recently received threats from a former employee. After multiple recommendations we contacted Omega Protective Services. Within minutes after speaking with Greg, we felt a sense of comfort. The team at Omega was extremely professional. Being on-site at our office daily made our employees and their families feel safer. The threat we received occurred during the holiday season and the team at Omega was also brought in to our corporate holiday party. They were not only professional; they were completely invisible to our guests and did not make anyone feel uncomfortable. Thank you to the entire team at Omega.


Charles S. Eckenroth



For the last 4 years I have hired Omega Protective Services, LLC to provide event security for several large music festivals in Eastern Pennsylvania. I have found Omega to provide a professional and valuable service at a reasonable rate. Omega was easy to work with and they were very thorough in understanding and providing exactly the kind of service I needed to keep a large music event running safely and smoothly. They developed a plan that would work best for the outdoor venue and its particular needs. Omega Protective Services, LLC was always visible and never far away. I felt secure knowing that Omega was providing the security for my event. I’ll continue to hire and recommend Omega for any future events.


Tiffanni Stanford



Omega Protective Services, LLC has been a pleasure to work with! Omega is very reliable. Their security officers always arrive to the job site on time and they are always very professional. I have had many great compliments about Omega Protective and their officers! It shows in their work that they are passionate about what they do and that they always have the client’s best interest at heart! I look forward to working with Omega Protective Services, LLC even more in the future!


Lisa Digeorgio



We have used Omega now three times and love them! So professional and on point each time! They secure our events down and keep outsiders out and treat our customers/members inside with respect but still manage the event firmly if problems arise. I have worked with many security companies in the past, up and down the East coast at our many locations, and they by far exceed my expectations. I will not go back to any other company.


Jordan Serulneck

Omega Protective Services provided security detail for my Brit Milah last weekend. They were extremely professional and went above and beyond with all special requests. Would recommend for all occasions!


Amy Brangaccio Wolf

Thank you to Omega Protective Services, LLC for providing security and traffic control for the Pottstown GoFourth! Festival! Greg and his crew were great to work with and very professional. We look forward to having them as part of our team again next year!


Jared Rampulla

You couldn’t be safer with OMEGA , highly professional well trained. Many of these ladys and gentleman have extensive military background and training. Perfect for your store,party, or large events these guys know how to watch your back !!!!


Doug Quattrini


We hired Greg and his team to manage a very challenging party. He was respectful, confident and diligent. We highly recommend their professional services. I will certainly be hiring them again for future events.


Shannon H.

They did a great job helping us with a car show event with 200 show cars and lots of spectators.


Aviva I.

I had such a great experience with Joe and Ryan from Omega Protective Services. They ensured my wedding was completely worry-free, and went above and beyond their duties. It was a great day, thanks in part to Omega!


Kathi Lansinger



Omega Protective Services has been a breath of fresh air. After using two other local security companies, we made the switch to Omega. The staff is professional, friendly, and efficient. Scheduling and communication is a breeze, and our building is secure. We have used their services for adult or student-attended events, and they were more than capable of handling both age groups. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for security services.


Dawn Gulick



I utilized Omega’s services for traffic control at the Pottstown Bike Race. These folks were excellent! They were professionally dressed, timely, and did their job well. It is nice to be able to attend to our event and not have to worry about traffic issues. I have every intention of using Omega in 2017.


Shree P. Das



Omega Protective Services was wonderful! They provided us with security at a recent charity poker event and we cannot thank them enough for sending such a capable and great representative to help secure the area. Mike was wonderful – he was timely and thorough, thinking of possible threats and being prepared for any outcome. Even when the environment was lax, Mike was fully alert – even helping to calmly resolve a dispute that could have quickly become physical between two of our guest participants. He was courteous and made everyone feel at ease with his presence, but also comforted knowing that the premises were secured. Thanks, Omega, for a wonderful experience and we will definitely be using your services (particularly, Mike!) again!


Kate O’Brien



My sorority used Omega at our fall date party event this past week. The two gentlemen that were on duty for our event , dressed in a suit and tie, went above and beyond to make sure everyone at our function was safe. I would absolutely use them again for any event that security is needed. They were a pleasure to work with and made my job a little less stressful and I thank them for that.


Sara Moore



Omega Protective Services filled a void for us at Ju-Ju Monkey. We were looking for someone to help our families become certified in infant, child and adult CPR and Greg & his team were able to easily accommodate our schedules. We are thrilled to be working with a small business that values great customer service and stands behind their work. Thank you Omega Protective Services!


Dale Reitz


For the past three years, I have run a community event called Curt Simmons Day. For the first two, we worked with a different security company. I didn’t even know the type of service I was missing until I worked with Omega Protective Services.

What a difference they made to our event! In my mind, security was there to deal with the possibility of having trouble with inebriated people and not much more. I could not have been more wrong. After working with Omega Protective Services, I learned that security is an integral part of a successful event. I was made to feel very secure as I dealt with large sums of money. I was continually updated on what they were doing and any potential issues. When we had parking problems, their staff jumped right in to take control of the situation.

Most importantly, I was advised on improvements that can be made in the future. Their observation at last years’ event led their staff to attend a recent planning meeting where they shared ideas on alcohol control issues. I can tell that Omega Protective Services is a very proactive organization which really cares about doing a fantastic job.

I recommend Omega Protective Services to anyone looking to hire a security company.


Jenna Spirk



We used Omega for security at our wedding. We didn’t want any uninvited guests so we decided we would have a safety net. We had two team members. They greeted us before the wedding reception to ensure we had no worries and to enjoy our day! They were dressed in suits, so very professional! They made sure there were no incidents at all and they weren’t noticed either. Not one guest asked who they were. I’d hire them for any security needs. I really appreciated the service they provided.


Kathleen Brochin

We hired Greg and his team to manage a very challenging party. He was respectful, confident and diligent. We highly recommend their professional services. I will certainly be hiring them again for future events.

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