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Our experienced security professionals offer a wide range of services, including event security, construction, security patrols, industrial, medical, and more. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality protection to businesses and individuals.

About Our Company

Locally owned and operated, OMEGA PROTECTIVE SERVICES is the premier security guard and vehicle patrol services company of the Lehigh Valley and beyond. Providing safe, responsible security solutions throughout Eastern Pennsylvania since 2007, Omega has assisted everyone from Fortune 500 businesses to local “mom & pops” with achieving their safety goals. It is our honor to be ranked by Lehigh Valley Business Magazine as the #1 locally-owned security company in the Greater Lehigh Valley!

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Omega's guards have watched over numerous construction projects from start to finish.


We strive to provide you and your residents with that sense of secure comfort.


Hiring us will help increase accountability, reduce liability and loss, and protect your bottom line.


Sites such as gated communities, industrial parks, and shopping malls have a lot of ground to cover!


Integrating Omega keeps your patients, guests, and staff safe from a multitude of potential threats. 


Discover Omega Pro's hospitality solutions for efficient and exceptional guest experiences.


Empower retail security with Omega Pro: reliable solutions ensuring store safety and asset protection.


Enhance events with Omega Pro: Elevate planning and execution for seamless memorable experiences.

Suit & Tie

Elevated suit-and-tie security by Omega Pro: Style and protection in one.

Summer 2023

Employee of the Season
Mike Pinelli
Mike Pinelli

Mike believes that everything worth doing is worth one’s hard work. With this approach, he found his start in security while living in Florida back in 1996. He liked the work and remained in the field as he moved across state lines, eventually finding a job with a clinic in PA. When he moved one more time, he decided to change jobs again and found Omega. He provides high-caliber security services at our construction and industrial sites.

What our clients have to say

Client Reviews

"... I didn’t even know the type of service I was missing until I worked with Omega Protective Services.

What a difference they made to our event! In my mind, security was there to deal with the possibility of having trouble with inebriated people and not much more. I could not have been more wrong. After working with Omega Protective Services, I learned that security is an integral part of a successful event."

Dale Reitz
President, Egypt Memorial Park Association
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