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One of the most celebratory days of people’s lives, weddings take a great deal of effort, money, and planning – people spend $50 billion annually in the US alone! With so much on your plate, you shouldn’t have to concern yourself with guests getting out of control. Omega works alongside your wedding planner to keep things in hand.

Nefarious gatecrashers might seem amusing in the movies, but in reality, they may steal drinks, food, and even gifts from you and your loved ones. Posting our guard at the door to politely check invitations, as well as by the gift table to ensure incoming traffic only – goes a long way towards maintaining the integrity of your event. Furthermore, our guards are equipped to establish a perimeter at outdoor venues where people may otherwise wander through.

Considering the resources invested in even a humble gathering, the cost of security becomes nominal. Depending on the nature of your celebration, you may want everyone to see that you have security – and our professional presentation is sure to impress – or you may want our guards to keep a low profile. Our personnel can blend into the background of an event, remaining visible to you, but unobtrusive and discreet to your guests. We also offer different overt and covert uniform options, and we make an extra effort to account for your event’s dress code. With so many moving parts, it makes sense to ensure that everything goes accordingly.

Seek our services for your special day so that you can focus on what’s most important.

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We used Omega for security at our wedding. We didn’t want any uninvited guests so we decided we would have a safety net. We had two team members. They greeted us before the wedding reception to ensure we had no worries and to enjoy our day! They were dressed in suits, so very professional! They made sure there were no incidents at all and they weren’t noticed either. Not one guest asked who they were. I’d hire them for any security needs. I really appreciated the service they provided.”

Jenna S.

Omega Protective Services did a great job as security at my wedding, we wanted to avoid wedding crashers and we wanted to make sure anyone who had too much to drink didn’t get out of hand and they were there to make sure things went smoothly. They were well dressed in suits to blend in with our guest and they moved about the room and through the crowd as if they were just another guest making sure nothing got out of hand. I am very happy that I went with Omega Protective Services.”

Ashley F.

The Premier Security Services Company of the Lehigh Valley and Beyond!



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