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Omega Protective Services will effectively coordinate and control pedestrian and vehicular traffic to ensure your event operates smoothly and safely. With the use of reflective vests, light stick, whistle or other directing utensils, we will safeguard your patrons while keeping traffic patterns flowing. 

Festivals, parades, marathons, and other mid-to-large-scale events often involve a great deal of traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. Omega recognizes the importance of safety for guests on their way to and from your event. We work with municipal officials, police departments, and you to coordinate routes and maintain an effective flow.

We supply our teams with specialized equipment for handling traffic. This includes:

  • ANSI Class 2 Reflective vests and strobe light sticks/cones for visibility and safety  

  • Radios and whistles for quick communication and  

  • Roadblocks and barricades for enforcement of safe passage for your event’s attendees.

Additionally, our teams have the knowledge to define efficient parking arrangements, as well as intuitive walking paths. In what can otherwise seem like a free-for-all, Omega Protective Services provides a sense of order.


Pottstown Half Marathon 2017 Traffic Eve

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