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RAMP Certified / ID Check

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Specialists with RAMP Certification

Omega acknowledges the unique challenges present in any setting featuring alcoholic beverages. However, we overcome them by taking numerous measures to ensure a legal and responsible environment. These measures include recommended certifications, specialized training, and the implementation of advanced technology.

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Benefits of RAMP that also Benefit Our Customers

What is RAMP?

RAMP stands for the Responsible Alcohol Management Program. RAMP involves a five-step process including owner/manager training, server/seller training, new employee orientation, posting of signage, and application for the license. The PA Liquor Control Board lists the following benefits of RAMP certification:

  • Knowledgeable, well-trained alcohol service staff and management

  • Recognition as a responsible licensee in your community

  • Less likelihood of dram shop liability

  • Possible liquor liability insurance discount

  • Possible reduction in fines and penalties issued by an Administrative Law Judge for serving a minor or visibly intoxicated patron (as long as the licensee was RAMP-certified at the time of the violation and had no citations for either of those two violations in the previous four years).

A Higher Standard.
The PA Liquor Control Board recommends RAMP certification for most bar/nightclub staff and requires it for any internal staff that work for a RAMP certified licensee for longer than six (6) months. In addition, 50% or more of the employees working for a RAMP certified licensee must be RAMP certified. While this does not apply to contracted security guards, Omega believes in upholding a higher standard of service. For this reason, all of our personnel assigned to bars and nightclubs receive RAMP certification.

Zero Citations.
Our bar/nightclub personnel include ID specialists who receive training to identify fake IDs by sight alone. They also work with UV lights, as well as advanced, professional-grade ID scanners that remain at your site at no additional cost to you.  In all of thirteen years of operation, sites with active Omega personnel have received zero (0) citations from the PA Liquor Control Board.


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