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Based in Lehigh Valley PA, Omega Protective Services provided ID Check Services. We are a certified RAMP company that provides services and consultation to other RAMP certified premises. There are many advantages to choosing a local company with employees who understand the Responsible Alcohol Management Program legislation, which became law on June 18, 2001. Any service personnel hired in Pennsylvania must go through the training within six months of being hired.

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Benefits of RAMP that also Benefit Our Customers

Bar and Nightclub Security Services


Do you own a wine bar, pub or restaurant that serves alcohol in Pennsylvania? If so, you know that whoever's at the door checking IDs needs to be a trusted gatekeeper.

The state regulates the required content, which includes five parts:


  1. Owner/Manager Training provides instruction to owners and managers that run alcohol licensed establishments. Training topics include how to write policies and procedures for staff members who serve and customers who consume alcohol on the premises.

  2. Server/Seller Training benefits servers and anyone who checks IDs. This includes owners and managers as well as contractors — such as those hired from Omega Protective Services. The training teaches our team members how to spot fake IDs, identify symptoms of intoxication and to courteously and responsibly manage clients who have been drinking.

  3. New Employee Orientation has to be provided to on-site staff working in a business with an alcohol license. When you hire Omega Protective Services to check IDs and manage patrons, you have the peace of mind of knowing our employees meet RAMP certification requirements.

  4. Guidelines regarding required signage on responsible alcohol service explain what must be posted in licensed establishments. At least two must address the forms of ID accepted and the right to refuse alcohol service to visibly intoxicated patrons and minors.

RAMP certified staff bring the following skills and benefits to the table:

  • Well-trained service staff for alcohol-licensed businesses

  • Recognition as a responsible business

  • Reduced dram shop liability

  • Potential for discounts on liquor liability insurance

Dozens of businesses have hired Omega Protective Services to ensure safe, responsible alcohol use and calm control. Contact us today to answer any questions you might have or to hire our team.

Lehigh Valley Owned and Operated with insured and trained professionals. 

Providing Security Services to our locals in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and extending throughout Eastern PA.

We do except VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER and American Express. 

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