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Private Investigation

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Details on hiring a Private Investigator

Omega provides reliable, confidential, and experienced investigative services by a former police officer at an affordable rate. Our investigator will personally meet with you for a consultation to establish an understanding of your situation, what you would like done, and how Omega can help. In other words: We keep it simple for you.

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Our team members are trained to provide services for any and all events, no matter the size.

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Omega offers PI Services

Employer Investigations: 
The majority of employers prefer to know whom they are hiring ahead of time. We also look into suspected cases of employee theft, sexual harassment, fraud, and various other types of misconduct. These services include: 

  • Pre-Employment 

  • Internal Misconduct 

  • Workers Compensation 

  • Other Loss Prevention 


Civil Investigations:
Omega offers discrete inquiry into suspected violations of custody agreements, infidelity, and even insurance fraud, as well as spousal surveillance for legal purposes. These services include: 

  • Child custody 

  • Insurance fraud 

  • Abuse 

  • Matrimonial

Private Criminal Investigations:

Supplementary detective work for criminal acts such as physical assault, theft, property damage, and vandalism. These services are typically offered to aid local police.

Omega Protective Services is licensed through Northampton County as a private detective agency permitted to work throughout Pennsylvania under the Private Detective Act of 1953. Additionally, all of Omega’s investigative personnel are registered with the Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators and have pledged their support to the PALI By-laws and Code of Ethics. 

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