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Here at Omega Protective Services, we combine diligence with attentiveness to provide 24/7 protection. Our trained team employs their expert surveilling skills to keep individuals and properties safe. We specialize in numerous security solutions; hotel security is a service that we regard with paramount importance.

Importance of Hiring Hotel Security

Security companies guarantee optimal safety for employees, guests, and property from malcontents that might otherwise threaten your hotel’s protection. Hiring security protects your guests’ stay, prevents your establishment from being overrun by troublemakers, and keeps your property intact. Opting not to hire a hotel security company could lead to a liability claim. You can easily save yourself the hassle and headache when you place your trust in Omega Protective Services. 


What Hotel Security Provides

When theft, intrusions, or other unlawful activities arise, security companies like Omega Protective Services seek to solve such situations. We anticipate the unforseen to prepare for any circumstance. This may include bracing our security for celebrities or other notable figures, CEOs, and/or other notable figures.


Helping You Manage Your Reputation

With regard to overall reputation and maintaining a safeguarded ranking, our proficient, licensed, and professional guards help maintain your reputation via top-notch security procedures. Upholding a positive status is both good for business and employee morale. 


Contact Omega Protective Services Today

If you’re native to the Lehigh/Northampton County, or Philadelphia areas, consider Omega Protective Services for your hotel security needs. Together, we’ll develop a personalized security plan that caters to your hotel.


The Premier Security Services Company of the Lehigh Valley and Beyond!



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