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If you're experiencing trouble with your commercial fire alarm system, you can be subject to fines if it's not fixed quickly. Hiring a specialist service can ensure the safety of everyone in the building and keep you compliant with fire codes.

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What are Fire Watch Guards?

Trained professional fire watch guards patrol your business or multi-unit residential facility in cases where the fire alarm and fire suppression systems are malfunctioning. These individuals become very familiar with the layout of your building, including exits and locations of fire extinguishers. They have the materials needed for fast evacuation and notifying all residents in case of a fire.

Why Are Fire Watch Guards Necessary?
For property managers or commercial real estate owners, a fire watch service is necessary in cases when the building either has a malfunctioning sprinkler system or a fire alarm that isn't working. In these cases, there isn't an automatic alert to ensure the safety of everyone in the building. Fire watch guards patrol your hotel, dorm, nursing home, or other building in 15-minute increments, checking the integrity of the building and manually monitoring for fires.

The Fire Marshalls in Eastern Pennsylvania may require your business to employ fire watchers until the fire alarm system is repaired. To ensure that you're fully compliant with fire code regulations, having a professional service just makes sense.

When Do I Need Fire Watch For My Business?
If there's a power failure, then most automatic fire alarms and sprinkler systems may not work. You'll need fire guards until your power is restored. Other occasions that you'll need this specialty service may be in cases of natural disasters that cause outages like a tornado or hurricane.

How Much Do Fire Guards Cost?
Your custom quote from Omega Protective Services will depend on the size of your facility and the number of our highly trained personnel that you'll need. We take into account the size of your facility and the estimated length of time that it will take to get your alarms up and running again. We can prepare a quote in advance for you so that when an emergency hits, all you have to do is make one simple phone call.

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