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Damian Cruz

December 2020

Damian Cruz

Joined December 2018

After several years in the Service, Damian sought the next step in his life. He heard about Omega from his girlfriend’s brother and decided to apply, landing an interview within a week. The hiring managers deemed him a solid fit for a bar near his home address. On the last Thursday of that year, they called him for his first shift. That evening, he met Devin and Greg. 

Two years later, Damian keeps going strong! He considers Omega to be quintessential to the unique experience of working security. His military background has provided him with the discipline necessary to keep his composure during intense situations. This has enabled him to easily implement elements of tactical negotiation and verbal judo, often finding peaceful resolutions for unruly guests. Omega’s consistency allows him to build on his approach and continually improve at his job. 

Outside of Omega, Damian enjoys writing poetry while listening to contemporary transcendental music. His listening selections often hold messages he considers significant. He also streams video games on his Twitch channel, 5h4d0w_x. Damian primarily plays first-person shooters and RPGs, as well as some casual tabletop games. 

"Omega and their leadership care about individual growth. Where other companies may suffocate newer employees, Omega lets their people fly."

Zach Pacella

November 2020

Zach Pacella

Joined October 2018

Two years ago, Zach was looking for something to do on the weekends and earn some extra income. He had some friends who worked for Omega. As a new guard, he started out working events at Franklin & Marshall College. Zach found everybody on the team to be helpful. After honing his skills, he worked as an ID-checking specialist at the front entrance of Revel Social. From Jose and Greg, he learned about talking to people, as well as reading and predicting situations. Zach feels grateful to Omega for helping him when he needed it. 

Today, he works numerous sites and helps wherever he is needed. Outside of Omega, Zach continues to pursue the same two interests he has held since the age of 14: metalworking and music. He discovered metalworking while attending Upper Bucks County Tech School. Zach already had knowledge of woodworking and construction, and the new avenue intrigued him. Today, he holds a fulltime job welding. Music came into Zach’s life via live acts. Seeing the crowd, the lights, and the overall energy at concerts inspired him to take up bass. Today, he plays for a band called Hollow Visions. They have released two EPs and two music videos.

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