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At Omega Protective Services, we take pride in providing the best bodyguards and drivers to our clients. We handle all aspects of security so that you can stay calm and focused. Our wide range of specialized services is tailored for both high profile individuals and executive businesses.

Having protection that you can trust is vital to keeping you feeling safe and secure.


Professional security can help to prevent theft and property damage. It can also keep you, your loved ones, and your employees out of harm's way. It's never fun to think about things going wrong, but the reality of today's world is that it is necessary to take precautions to help things go right.

Our services include:

  • Executive protection

  • Personal protection

  • Low and high-risk teams

  • Armed escorts

  • Driver escorts

  • Vehicle escorts

  • Armed drivers

  • Cash/valuables in transit security


Are you a public figure in the Lehigh Valley area for a speaking engagement or public appearance? The CEO of a multimillion-dollar company and a potential target when traveling? A celebrity or musician in town for a performance and needing to add an additional level of security?

Our team will work with you to develop and execute a thorough and secure plan of action, regardless of the reason you need a bodyguard or security driving services. Omega Protective Services can analyze your travel and identify potential threats. We can also set up surveillance measures throughout the Lehigh Valley PA area to coincide with your plans.

We are experts at camouflaging. We can dress in a variety of clothing options depending on what is required. From plain civilian clothes to professional uniforms to suit and tie, we will make sure our staff blends in or stands out to provide the best layer of safety possible and to prevent detection. Our services are available 24/7 and also include surveillance options. Protection drivers are available to take you wherever you need to go in the Lehigh Valley area. We are also able to discreetly transport and deliver cash or other valuables. If you need a full protective detail, we have armed drivers to maximize security while you are in the area. We know all of the best routes to navigate large crowds and potential threats.

Contact us today to discuss your bodyguard and protection driver needs. We know security better than anyone in the Lehigh Valley area.

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The Premier Security Services Company of the Lehigh Valley and Beyond!



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