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Conflict Resolutions


Details of Conflict Resolution Services


Loud music, bright lights, and close crowds can create an intensive challenge in managing behavior. To combat this, our bar & nightclub personnel receive specialized MOAB training, which educates and enables them to handle heated situations before they get out of control.

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Recognize, De-Escalate and Resolve


Guards from Omega Protective Services identify signs of escalation in an individual before a problem arises. Specifically, they spot ques in paralanguage (such as a strained tone increasing in pace and volume), body language (such as an exaggerated, defensive posture), and other indicators (such as a flushed face), all of which provide the guard with invaluable information regarding a patron's stress level.

Our guards employ clinically verified methods of curtailing anxiety before it turns into outward aggression. Through their training, they learn to acknowledge personal space and engage with guests without intruding upon it. Additionally, Omega personnel utilize respectful, positive speech and non-aggressive body language to calm potentially disruptive guests and protect the peace of other patrons.

Omega guards understand that despite all reasonable efforts, some conflicts may reach a point of physical confrontation. If a guest exhibits physical aggression, our guards apply a protective approach that mitigates violence towards other patrons, the guards themselves, and the offending individual. Through a variety of holds and other defensive techniques, our guards can control such situations and maintain the well-being of your establishment and all those within.

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