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Omega Protective Services serves as the premier provider of VIP bodyguard services in the Lehigh Valley, PA and the surrounding areas. When you require a bodyguard for actors, a bodyguard for VIPs, or personal protective services for a performer, rapper or other artist, you can count on our team of dedicated security professionals.

Why hire a bodyguard for VIPs & Rappers?

Performers such as actors, singers, rappers and social media personalities rely on fan support and recognition to grow their careers, but this recognition comes with multiple risks.

VIPs are vulnerable to a host of threats ranging from physical assaults to stalking, blackmail and even kidnapping. Managing these threats in a way that is effective requires the use of a licensed, dedicated protective service that specializes in protecting high-profile celebrities.

At Omega Protective Services, we provide elite 24/7 protection for VIPs throughout the Lehigh Valley. Our team of VIP bodyguard specialists are discrete, dedicated security professionals who have the skills and experience needed to deliver world-class security to even the most discerning clients.

Lehigh Valley, PA Bodyguard for Actors

Whether you need a bodyguard for actors while on-set to keep adoring fans at bay, a bodyguard to provide protection while on vacation or a security professional to respond to a specific threat, call Omega Protective Services.

We are the premier provider of film set security and bodyguards for actors in the Lehigh Valley and neighboring areas. Our mature, experienced celebrity protection specialists know how to protect actors and other high-profile clients in all situations, including public appearances and special events.

When only the best will do, call our team of Lehigh Valley, PA bodyguard specialists today. All of our bodyguards for VIPs and bodyguards for actors and have completed extensive background checks and pre-employment screening, and many have completed years of service in the military and in law enforcement.


Celebrity Bodyguard Services Lehigh Valley
Lehigh Valley Celebrity Bodyguards

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