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Loud music, bright lights, and tight crowds can create an intensive challenge in managing behavior. Our nightclub security teams have the training and experience necessary to maintain the fun atmosphere of your establishment while protecting the well-being of your patrons.

Omega’s team employs clinically verified methods of curtailing anxiety before it turns into outward aggression. Through their training in verbal judo and tactical communication, Omega’s personnel learn to utilize positive speech and non-aggressive body language to respectfully calm potentially disruptive guests and uphold the peace of other patrons. Additionally, our ID specialists are trained to identify fake IDs by sight alone. They also work with UV lights, as well as advanced, professional grade ID scanners that remain at your site - at no additional cost to you!


  • Equipped with UV Lights, ID Scanners,

Radio Communication, and more.

  • RAMP Certified through Liquor Control Board

  • Pat-Down Searches, Bag Checks, & Wand Screenings

  • VIP Protection within Nightclub

  • Trained in MOAB & Defensive Tactics

  • Verbal Judo & Tactical Communication Skills for

De-Escalation of a Situation Without Use of Force

  • Assist Your Staff with Nightly Setup & Teardown

  • Cashier Services for Cover Charge Collection

  • ACT 235 Certified Armed Service (if desired)

  • Philadelphia Bouncer Certified

Nightclub Security Team
Bar Security Services

Omega Protective Services have been protecting our establishment for almost two years. We are a very busy late-night bar as well as a full eatery/pub. We require Omega for our late-night bar crowd to help keep the peace. They do an excellent job providing us with a full security team till 2 am. They are very organized and are trained to deal with any situation. They use their best judgment when it comes to all situations. We are very happy to have them working for us and protecting our establishment. We can trust that they will do an excellent job and keep our establishment safe no matter what. They care about the job they do, and they care about our establishment which is very important. I know the staff and customers are safe with Omega Protective Services working for us!”

Andrea Ossman – General Manager, Siamsa Irish Pub

The Premier Security Services Company of the Lehigh Valley and Beyond!



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