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Working with an armed security officer carries many advantages. At clubs, a security guard can deter fights from breaking out. Additionally, having an armed guard tells your guests that you care about their well-being, which helps them to feel more comfortable and can minimize other problems that may otherwise affect your bottom line.

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Choosing Armed Security Guards


Security guards deter criminals from your establishment. If a criminal wants to target a club, event or other place, the individual will usually look for unarmed victims. Criminals reassess their motive upon learning security is present.


Omega Protective Services LLC guards are extremely reputable. Our armed guards undergo extensive background checks, and an officer must maintain a clean record in order to carry a firearm. Although an armed guard may seem like an extra expense, the investment may save money from potential theft or liability issues. A security guard can help minimize the risks of those liabilities by making your property safer.

Once you decide to hire armed security, you’ll want to consider the length of coverage and your desired number of guards. We will be happy to discuss your current and future plans with you to help you make the right choices. Depending on the size and type of event or club that you plan to run, you may require multiple officers. Planning a large-scale charity event to collect cash donations, for example, may necessitate three or more guards. They will uphold your rules and ensure that your event or venue is as safe as possible. Please contact us today to get a free quote for an armed security officer.

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