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Armed Security Officer


Details of Armed Security Officer


As Security Officers, we strive to resolve all matters peacefully. If you, your family, or even your employees have received actionable threats of violence, you may feel more comfortable with armed security.

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Choosing Armed Security Guards


Per PA's Lethal Weapons Training Act, our armed guards receive education and training in the handling and application of firearms and other weapons. This begins with an assessment to ensure that only those of sound mind and body receive certification to carry on the job.

Additionally, Omega's personnel receive training in the Management of Aggressive Behavior, as well as tactical negotiation and other de-escalation techniques. This enables them to remain calm during tense situations and keep everyone safe without resorting to violence.


Our guards are experts in preventing violence from breaking out. However, if lives are put in immediate danger, our armed personnel do have the training and the equipment necessary to responsibly resolve emergent situations.

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